I hope you see this.


I’m tired of giving in and trying to make things better.
I’m not stupid to notice the sudden change in behaviours towards me and I’m definitely not allowing you to treat me for a fool.

I do not do things on purpose to spite anyone. I see it as an act of cruelty. I can’t help it if what he likes is so far away from my abilities and that it is so similar.

And pls, stop being perasan. I have a life not related to you at all. Not everything is about you. You probably have issues with letting go cause you seem to be so fixated on what I do.
I must be blinded by your masks you wear everyday that I actually shared a part of me with you, which I bet, you were totally cursing in your mind.

I regretted feeling so desperate in need of help that I have to seek advice from people who cares. Advice given to me were: 1) Stay away and 2) Ignore.

I took the advice and acted on it. I stayed away from your sight but you are still…

So if this gets to you, which i totally know it will, why don’t you tell me what you want me to do?

Cuz I’m sick of being treated this way. I am not bound to you. I am bound to the situation.

Yes, you are rich, resourceful and people thinks you are capable. You totally win hands-down. So what more you want? Why are you being so insecure that you have to start poisoning minds to get attention? Or sympathy?

Seriously, what the fuck do you want.


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