it’s me alone against the whole world.


I really can’t believe that my dad rather believe those fucklings than his own flesh and blood.

I’ve done my part in this office.

I do every, fucking, thing, they’ve asked. I even took initiative to do clearing of their trash.

Basically, I’ve been taken forgranted and advantage of.

They expect me to do every fucking thing.

Initiative has become an expectation & responsibilty.

So I just SUCK IT UP and do what am expected to.

BUT, apparently to the CB, it is not enough.

He used lies, relation and AGE to get me into trouble.

Trouble in the office? No biggie for me. I’ll just handle it and everyday wait till 7pm and fuck off.

But no, he has to make it that this trouble will torture me at home.

And of course, he has an accomplice – the PCB aka Dad’s gf.

Now, I feel so alone against the whole world.

I’m like a fallen soldier – wounded and demoralized.

Would someone pick up these shattered pieces of me…?


3 thoughts on “it’s me alone against the whole world.

  1. girl, when at work, the most important thing is HAPPY..
    It doesn’t matter how much work you have done, what rights or wrong you have done. cos, work is work, all needs to be done. although there are some you might don’t like, but again, all work still need to be done and again most importantly is Happy..

    I gone through what you have gone through.. last time, the teachers after finished eating and drinking, they left paper cups behind.. never throw and I got to clear the rubbish for them.. i changed school, thinking things would change.. AGAIN, same thing.. I changed school, thinking people are better, AGAIN, same.. I change to this school, however, still the same.. if it’s not teachers, then its students who throw things..

    so, kan kai yi dian.. be happy… and you have lots more to face and experience..

    Last time, my dad also same thing.. work at the own (gao) relatives place, he kanna poked in his eyes by someone hired by that relative’s company..

  2. I hope you can heed my advice..I picked up your shattered pieces and the rests are up to you and your action.. jia you!

  3. i was waiting for you to post what you have for lunch.

    post more lunch hor…
    and less of these….
    dont get pissed off by those smelly chicken backsides lar…

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