Update Part 1

It’s about time I update my blog, donch’yall think?

It’s bloody 945AM and I’ve yet to catch any winks.

Kinda just finished watching “PS: I Love You.” in the comfort of my bed, with my blanky and loads of pillow (typical bimbotic behaviour, I know). Thank God I’ve watched alone; I’ll prolly be browling my eyes out and sniffing till my nose is block if I caught this show in the theatres.

Anyhow, I apologise for the extreme lack of updates due to my very upside-down sleeping and working hours. I’m usually pretty exhausted by the time I got home and it is that bad to the extent I hit the sack almost as soon as I’ve changed into my PJs. 

If you’re looking for a fast read to get yourself out of boredom, I don’t think this entry here’s gonna fulfill what you’re looking for. But if you’re keen, do scroll on.

As I was saying, I was watching this film, it kinda reminded me of a certain email I’ve received years before. Not sure if any of you have gotten it, but the content is somewhat similar to the structure of this film.

*Pause blogging.* 

*Proceeds to dig through past emails*

Gimme a sec (mental note to myself actually, I like to blog as if I’m talking to someone you see. Don’t mind me, do continue to read on) while I dig through my emails.

*Flips through Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, 2nd Hotmail account, Outlook Express*

*One hour and 30mins later…*

Ok! I give up! The content of this particular email is about this widow who received a bouquet of roses for her birthday every year, even after her husband passed away. The husband actually planned ahead of time to have the roses delivered to his wife, accompanied by a letter. It kinda reminded me of this particular email after watching this film. If anyone still has this email lying around somewhere, do email it to me or paste the entire story in my comment section will ya? Thanks a ton. 😀

I’ll leave this update to a part 2 where I’ll talk about some emotions I went through and some past I reminisced, after watching this movie. This entry is getting a little waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too wordy 😛

Till then, tudos!

*Actual explanation*

Ok, after looking through all my email accounts, I kinda lost the mood to blog bout what I wanted to blog an moment hour ago. 😛

~Misses that kiss which happened on the 5th of April 2007~


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