I’m offered a job at another club and they are willing to pay me 8bucks per hour.

My current work place pays me 7per hour.

But it has been very enjoyable working @ geobar, just that sometimes got models and slackers who pisses me off big time.

Habits are hard to change I suppose.

This new place, ICON bar’s willing to offer 8dollars per hour… And if i do take up the job, i know i wouldnt quit geobar.

But, i have no idea if i have the energy to work both places in the same week.

Iconbar doesnt pay me daily, instead they pay their workers fortnightly.

lots of factors to think about now… so much that i just dont wanna think about it.


when you’re hard on money, you’ll do anything but do you have the energy and time to spend it?

no one will reject money but health wise? time management wise? studies wise? family wise? friends wise?


and i’m still coughing non-stop like a bloody donkey.

can even choke half way while sleeping and got woken up by own coughing.

sometimes there’s blood in the phlegm/mucus too.

my cigarettes intake per day had dropped drastically cause of this cough. even the smell of cigarette smoke will trigger the cough. seems like the windpipe that connects from the nose to the throat (or vice versa) turned vulnerable, either that or it became even more sensitive.





2 thoughts on “timeless

  1. Aiyoh. Did you see doctor? Take care of yourself ok? Well, I can’t advise you on your dilemma because I’m terrible at making decisions myself, hehe. But just keep in mind that whatever you do, personal happiness and fulfillment is most important. 😉 Get well soon!

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