plasma shattering

When I was on the transport back home then I realised I’ve forgotten to video down the commotion.

No pictures too, cause too tired LOL.

Anyways, there was a fight at my work place at around 4:10AM.

I was damn lucky, cause just one minute before the fight started, I was at the area doing table maintainance.

It happened when I just arrived at the bar counter and wanted to refill the ice buckets.

I turned around and saw bottles of martell, chivas and other miscellaneous stuff flying all over the place.

Next thing I know, the plasma TV cracked. I actually saw an AHPEK anyhowly picked up other tables’ bottle and threw it towards one guy. Then my boss and his brothers (plus security) were shouting and trying to stop the fight.

According to my colleague cum neighbour cum sec school junior, these ahpeks were here to find someone and this someone was across the platform at the other end of the rows of tables. This someone wanted to run away from them and innocent clubbers were involved. My colleague cum neighbour cum sec sch junior was cut slightly by the glass pieces for trying to save a patron’s bottles. LOL.

No one died or were injuried badly, from what I know. But the biggest loss was the damn plasma tv, and prolly the chopstick-like left thigh of the damn bloody skinny (and not so pretty) dancer. Cut wasn’t very deep, but deep enough to leave an ugly scar on her left thigh. Quite a long one too. And she was gunianging like no body’s business, trying to grab attention at the same time. Bah.

Me and my colleagues had to do the sai kangs – clear the shattered glasses.



But we managed to get off work slightly early – 515am.

Not much of a difference anyways. Bah.

Time to say goodnight!

*scoots off to bed*


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