My supervisor is discharged.

She may not need to go through the spine operation afterall.

But basket, TTSH’s service and environment for the patients are damn bad can!

The normal wards are so bloody humid!! 10th level with the fans on full blast and windows wide opened! Jeez!

Tsk. So much for being a respectable hospital.

Even the freaking lift lobby is cooler than the rooms.

They should improve the environment for the economical wards.

Hot like sauna, how can the patients recover?


2 thoughts on “discharged

  1. there are different class of wards.. i think that will be C ward.. 10 patients to a ward.. no air con.. television is mount on a wall for everyone to see.. try going to B ward.. 4 patients in a ward.. got air con and a television for own view..

  2. Gary: just because the patients are in different kinds of wards doesnt mean that the treatment must be different… facilities like aircon, tv, i understand but treatment? just because some patients can’t afford to stay in a more luxurious ward, doesnt make them different !

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