My supervisor is admitted into TTS Hospital 2nights ago with symptoms of a slight stroke.

Then the results came out and she is diagnosed with diabetes and ghout, which is pressing against her spine, explaining why she’s been getting stiff neck and numbness on her right side of her body. She is not even 40. Think she’s in her late 20s or early 30s.

No one would have known, since that day was her off day.

She messaged the majority of us when she was admitted. If she didn’t, no one would had known.

I think if I was admitted into a hospital, no one will know.

Considering the fact that I will not inform anyone, plus Dad’s currently out of the country till another few more weeks.

Will I inform my friends? I don’t think so…

Relatives? High possibility if I do not have sufficient amount of money to foot the bills.

Time to live my life healthier…


3 thoughts on “hospitalized

  1. you can informed me…I can’t help you to pay the bills but I can give you the comfort or company you may need

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