When I was on my way to work, on the train, I’ve witness something so disgustingly annoying.

The train stopped at Chinatown station on the NEL train, heading towards Clarke Quay (where I’ll be alighting).

At the another end of the door, people are waiting for the doors to be opened to rush in like any kiasu Singaporeans.

One particular auntie who was further behind, squeezed through her way, bumped into a lady who was standing in front of her and nearer to the door, muttered under her breath a word of “sorry” without even looking apologetic. The bonus is, she didn’t even LOOK at who she’s apologising to.

She just bang her way through just to get a seat in the train.


This word “Sorry” is taken forgranted.

Seems to me, it is used just to help people get out of sticky situations.


No hope for the human race indeed.


3 thoughts on “apologise

  1. these kind of aunties.. you will get to see everywhere.. in bus stop and mrt.. even crowded bus, they are the best.. they can squeeze from the entrance to the exit without saying anything..

  2. it does not apply to aunties only. guys do that too.

    those people did that when i tried to take the lift home are mainly guys! those china people or bangladesh.. very irritating and frustrating when they did that. esp, when i’ve been waiting for so long and they didnt bother to let those early ones to get in! zzz

    i dont have to take trains to experience all these! -.-

  3. I know it is hard to just ignore these people. There is nothing more we can do to educate them. Once you lecture them, they’ll get offensive. Bo bian, just let them be.

    One day, they’ll be the receiving end of things. 🙂

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