recently been keeping things to myself.

so much so that it’s beginning to act up on me.

i want to blog about it but words just wouldnt flow out and no matter what i typed, half way my fingers will hit the backspace button until everything is erased.

i need someone to listen to what i’ve got to say but at the same time, i couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

it’s like you want to cry but you have no tears.

it’s like you want to scream but with no voice.

i think on my part, is i want to talk but there’s no words.

i feel so … constipated. now down there but up here. LOL

i don’t know what else i can do to unload all these burden.

it’s slowly eating me away…


4 thoughts on “congested

  1. What are the reasons you can’t find the words or bring yourself to say what you need to say? Tackle those issues first. Maybe things are so complicated and overwhelming that it’s hard to ex
    plain? Then slowly lah, take your time. Maybe you’re afraid people will judge you? Who cares? People can think whatever they like. Whatever it is, don’t keep it in for too long ok? If you need a listening ear, I have one here. Two, even. Call me anytime! 😉

  2. KM… that was just unbelievable.

    Lex… well… i really wanna say “maybe 2 vibrators definitely help”… but ok shall not say it…
    Maybe u just need to read something to sort out your thoughts…

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