who are genuine ?

and who are not?

do you know?

how do you tell?

do share.


3 thoughts on “friends

  1. If you’re not the sort who are intuitive about such things, then the best way to tell is when the friendship is put to the test. See if they stick by you when you need them most. Also, see if they reciprocate little nice gestures and favours. Observe whether they’re more interested in finding out about your life and your feelings or more interested in talking about themselves.

    But personally, I’m quite bad at telling. But I tend to take the soft-hearted approach (which is not always good). I assume everyone is a genuine friend until they prove otherwise.

  2. Sometimes people don’t really know how to be true friends. But it doesn’t mean that they are lousy friends. Not everyone can be true in this world, its just more important that you’re true to yourself and true to other people. Even true friends don’t remain true 100% of the time… sometimes we can be too self-righteous and judge too much about someone, but as the saying goes, how can you remove the speck in your brother’s eye when you have a plank in your own. When you’re a true friend yourself, you actually sow a seed for truth to come into your life. If you’re a so so friend, the “so so” seed will eventually grow into so-so friendships.

  3. Qy: I agree with the soft approach, coz i’m like that too. But seems like whenever you trust someone too much, at the end of the day if you found this particular ‘friend’ ain’t very much a ‘genuine’ friend, it’s quite depressing. I guess the truth hurts sometimes.

    Westin: Point taken. That’s a lot of ‘truths’ in your comment 😛 (pun-intended).

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