taken from Ashley aka Yun 😛


太阳星与火星在天平的人总是对他们较亲近的人格外严格 – 可称为‘铁腕政策’的专用人。冷静再加上过于理智,可算得是冷酷无情,毫无情分可谈。有时,过分的冷静,会让周围的人怀疑自己在他们心目中的地位。冷冷的,有时好似难以亲近的样子。

I’m a very cold person? Am I?

Asked my close friend, she say I am cold. T_T

All these while, I thought I’m only cold towards people I’m not close with, or don’t want to be close with.

Okay, I’m officially a cold person.

I think I’m a very contradictory person – I get so emotionally attached to people and their problems and will go all way out to help them but at times, I’m so cold that people feel that I wouldn’t be bothered to listen to their problems. Yet, I’m trying so hard to detach myself from people. Ain’t this contradicting or what?

So much for balancing the scales.

(太阳星与金星)天平的女人– 总是有点迷糊的可爱。


*sigh* ‘Nuff said.

如何捉住天平的心:- 让自己变成他们的习惯。


Yeah, habits. Such much things in my life I do because they are a habit to me. Whether I’m happy or not, I’ll still do it because it’s out of habit. That explains many things, ain’t it?


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