single-hood increases among young adults.

It’s the season again.

*cues for x’mas song: “this is the season to be jolly, fuck lah lah lah lah, fuck lah lah lah”.*

The season of lost love.

The season when the attached becomes single.

The season when the already single-d gets even more single.

Meaning: more competitions ¬                         ¬

And I think this year not a year for me to have a boyfriend.


Reason: time spent on consoling the newly singles and embracing them into single-hood.

It’s a bloody vicious cycle. Cause these newly singles (usually the ones I console) will eventually become newly attached again, faster than me. (kannina.)

And then when lady luck is finally smiling slightly back at me, these newly attached will have problems. and Miss Love Therapist (aka: me) will spend time with (either) of them to try work things out (between them of course; not me being between them, but helping them out).

This is when I curse to myself: “chaocheebye lady luck not smiling lor, she kanninabu smirking at me. Ptooi!”

For those who knows what’s currently going on in my love life would know better.

That bloody smile on lady luck is definitely a bloody smirk. Or prolly a kanninabei evil and cheeky grin.

Okay, Black eyed peas, it’s time to play your song!

*cues Black Eyed Peas song: “No no no no! Don’t phunk with my heart!”*

****sidenote: this is definitely NOT to be placed under “Life’s daily issues”! I am MOST definite that I DO NOT want such situations to happen on a daily basis!***


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