old friend? acquaintance?

bumped into an old friend/acquaintance at my new work place.

realised it’s been years since i last saw him.

he asked about him and i told him we’ve split up for almost a year or so.

he said i’ve lost weight. he thought i lost weight cause of him.

he couldn’t recognise me at first. ‘coz of my new hair, new look, new ermm… body? LOL

that’s what he said anyway.

found out he’s married and a baby’s on the way, due in roughly, 2 months time.

during the journey home, he sat beside me on the bus which was transport provided by the company.

he asked what am i thinking of, which clearly, i wasn’t thinking of anything. just staring into space and admiring the sky for its full moon and all.

he was sceptical about my answer.

he asked who else i’m in contacting and asked how he is.

i shrugged it off, cause i seriously have no idea. (which reminded me he still needs to return me some stuff)

(btw, if you’re reading this, can you please push forward the return of the stuff? i need it ah. seriously, seriously. thanks.)

before he alighted, he patted my back and asked me not to think so much.


which occur to me that, whenever i’m on a bus or any sorts of vehicle back home (except train) i would have the tendency to just stare out of the window, looking as if i’m deep in thought. is this weird? i doubt so. but people keep thinking that i’m pondering bout stuff.

more like just resting my brain can. lol.

ok. this is a boring post.


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