daily horoscope.

Daily Overview for May 08, 2007 Provided by Astrology.com Daily Extended Forecast

Your attitude about life is about to get rosier, thanks to a big dose of romance.Overview:
This rut went from feeling safe to dull, and now you’re ready to take a leap into the unknown. Being open to the unexpected catapults you far from where you started. It’s bumpy, it’s exhilarating — and you’ll love it.


So I went to click on…

Daily Love for May 08, 2007 Provided by Astrology.com Weekly Love

Daily Flirt: Be in it to win it. Once you’ve committed yourself, you’ll find that the universe comes along in the most unexpected ways to back up your plans. If you’re feeling tentative, circumstances will reflect that too.Daily Couples: You find a new limit that hadn’t occurred to you before — and it might make life with Honey kind of difficult. The good news is that this evening should shake things up for the better.Daily Singles: Dispel any morning time blues with a brisk walk, a treat, a chat with a friend — whatever works for you. You’ll want to be in high spirits for the highly enjoyable energy coming your way later in the day.

Ironically, I read the one for the 7th of May and it said…

Daily Love for May 07, 2007 Provided by Astrology.com Weekly Love

Daily Flirt: Understanding is necessary for compassion, but it’s not always a key component of love. That’s the inexplicable mystery and magic of passion. Just go with it. Don’t try to dissect it and figure out what makes it tick.Daily Couples: You may be kind of down right now, but you should count on your sweetie to lift your spirits — unless they’re down as well. In that case, you should each try to spend some time alone.Daily Singles: That old flame you might be thinking about — or longing for? Such sentimentality is fine, as long as it’s limited. Do what you need to do to get your head and heart back in the present, with an eye toward the future.

*small voice* fuck you lah.

Since it got me curious, I went to click on…

Weekly Love for May 07, 2007
Provided by Astrology.com Monthly Love
You should just sleep through Monday. Not that it’ll be a particularly bad day, but it’s not going to be the best day, and you’re going to want to get enough rest for Tuesday and Wednesday. You and you-know-who (if you don’t know who, someone’s about to walk into your life) will be spending a lot of time together, at least if the stars have anything to do with it. Thursday and Friday you have to return to the real world, but there are still glimmers of the romantic narrative along the edges everything you do. This weekend? More of you and you-know-who.

For a start, I didn’t sleep through Monday. I went out to accompany a friend – G, who needed the company. And I do not know of anything about ‘you-know-who’.Then, being the bloody bore, I carried on clicking and brought me to…

Weekly Forecast for May 07, 2007
Provided by Astrology.com Monthly Forecast
Expect some emotional ups and downs as the week begins. Be ready to breathe, meditate or maybe run screaming through it, and have someone who understands ready on speed-dial. Around Wednesday, it’s the upside that’s emphasized, and the chance of romance is high! A new sweetie — or renewed fun with a dear old one — awaits. Get ready, get set, go! Big agenda items and projects may be hard to cross off your list on Friday and Saturday, but smaller stuff can be surprisingly satisfying. On Sunday, a certain relationship can flourish under your care.

*small voice* cheebye lah… make my heart itchy only.

*stomps off and goes into a prissy fit*

*koffs*Think I spoke too soon.*koffs*


2 thoughts on “daily horoscope.

  1. -_-…….

    Still insomnia ah!?!

    I tht you i taught you my special “stunt” liao?

    See the wall in front of you? ( if no wall, laptop or desktop screen also can.. )… take 10 steps back, take a deep breath.. and charge towards it at full speed.

    Don’t .. slow.. down… = )..

    *Wham* *Bang*..

    *See lex “sleeping” on the floor…*..

    Good… = )

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