I’ve absolutely forgotten what I’ve wanted to blog about, after visiting Qiaoyun’s blog. Was kinda mesmerised by her cute expressions she had in that self intro clip she did.

The only thing I can remember is that the content is blog-worthy.


Guess I’m too hungry to remember.


P.S: Look on the right side of my blog! I just love these buttons! Simply adorable! *goes into a bimbo fit*


I remembered what I wanna blog about. But I’ll leave it for another, again. Thinking bout it makes my blood boil.

The different treatments you get from your friends…  Tsk tsk…

Seriously, seriously! What did I ever do to deserve such treatments?



5 thoughts on “forgot.

  1. You know, every time you write an angsty blog, I want to leave a comment but I don’t because I’m scared. Haha. Because you always sound so angry and well, I’m not very good at consoling people. But today I have something to say. If any of your friends aren’t treating you right, then maybe he or she isn’t a friend so it might be time to move on.

    Ok maybe that’s not a very helpful comment at all, but I just wanted to say it, sorry. 😛 And *hugs* to you.

  2. Max: when you’re online then i tell you nor. 😛

    QY: don’t be sorry… Im glad you leave a comment 🙂 well, sometimes it’s not what kind of comment you leave, it’s mainly knowing that someone was there to care… 😀 Thanks for the advice… Will keep that in mind. Hee.

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