Listening to Brandi Carlile’s new album…

While waiting for the continuation of Prison Break, The L Word, Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes, let’s welcome the addition to the serials family of Lex’s – Ugly Betty.

It’s funny, tacky and very “Devil Wears Prada”. I’ve completed till the latest episode by using 1 night’s time. As usual, I woke up at the wrong hour and practically living my life like a vampire now. That’ll probably explain how I’ve managed to complete everything so fast.

Now, I have nothing else to do but to wait for more updates on above mentioned serials.

School’s starting in 8 days, which means I’m left with 8 days to settle the issues I have in my life so I can concentrate on what’s priority.

Dad’s coming home on the 23rd and school’s starting on the 25th. Time to hunt for jobs before my fund runs out. But, where do I start? I don’t even know if I want to work and study at the same time. I mean, it’s compulsory but it’s like against what I wanna do, y’all know? Okay, I’m blabbering.

Basically, there’s like tons of things stuck in my puny little mind and I can’t seem to get them sorted out in order. It’s like you’re so unmotivated to do anything, all you wanna do is stay home and rot until someone decides to give you a message to ask you out for something.

I don’t usually reject people unless at the very last minute, something’s came up. If you guys still do not know, I have a grandma (turning 84 this May) staying with me and I am the eldest of the family. The man of the house, is currently overseas and the so-called current “man of the house” happens to be just going through puberty and playing truancy. I have no bloody idea what to do with him. Grandma isn’t really at the pink of her health. Brother’s giving me unnecessary problems.

If anyone of you thinks that flying planes is fun for me when it comes to appointments, it ain’t. It actually feels very sucky for me to stand someone up. Sometimes, it’s inevitable for me. There’s responsibilities I have to take and I’m beginning to feel that I’m trying to avoid these responsibilities. It’s practically eating me away slowly.

This feels so U R G H!

Well, enough of the procrastinating, just needed this space to blurt out part of whatever’s on my mind. I will go through this diploma and finish it. Once I’m through, life would be better. That’s what everyone says anyway, you get a better qualification, you get better jobs with better pays. This shall be my motivation – complete diploma no matter what.

Now what’s left, is getting a part time job to support my allowances, my bills and my dad’s burdens.

Pray for me and wish me luck! 😀


Clouds and the blue sky always look so peaceful…


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