a mess.

that’s what i am.

ask my wardrobe, it’ll tell you how messed up I am. jumbled feelings + messy wardrobe…


what have i gotten myself into?


if you’re reading this…

happy birthday, asshole.

i wish you have a happy life and fuck off from mine forever.

please do not touch any part of my life anymore. especially injecting poison which you’re best at.

wait a min..

i think i mixed up the dates.

yours is tomorrow… 15th. not 14th.

oh well. 14th 15th, whatever.

dont know why i even bother. pfffffttt!


5 thoughts on “a mess.

  1. seriously…who’s the asshole u keep mentioning about? and u always say forget about him, but then always mention. Abit the LPPL right? haaa

  2. ahmit: ahnor ahnor.

    9: yah, abit LPPL lolol. But actually this post is splitted into two parts one lah, 2 separate parts LOL. I dare to say I’ve moved on and I’m wishing him happy birthday (in case he reads) as a form of reminder to him :P. You know, like landlord reminding to pay rent.

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