Was having a talk with someone…

whom i didn’t realise i’ll eventually grew close to…

we have our differences yet, she was always patient with me.

we were talking and i realise i’ve been like her in the past. during our younger days, that is.

sometimes you’ll least expect someone to become one of your close friends.

i praise whoever is up there for that.

i wish i’m drunk right now, but i’m far from that.

when i’ve arrived at the drinking session venue, all of them were goners. and 3/4 of GIN was gone. omg.

but it was one hell of a time.

all those 5-10s and the stupid orange juice made all of us so fucking bloated. read: bloated not drunk. (applies only to me and hx.)
too bad, we couldn’t dance and the rest decided to retreat back home.


Before my school starts!

I miss being fuckingly high and tipsy. it’s only in such times, i forget all the expectations of the world.

it is only like these that i can truly fuck care everything which are on my mind.

Thank God for Alcohol!

Ladies and gentlemen! The alcoholic bitch is back!


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