quarter packed


Okay, not the entire room.

I just managed to finish packing my study + computer table. *phews*

Managed to clear some fucking space for my fucking 1month+++ old printer which was still lying in the fucking original packaging/box until bout 30mins ago.

Now my room table look so neat! *beams with pride*

While packing and clearing all those fucking shit, I realised it’ll be good to have a significant other to help you with such chores. Especially when you’re fucking moving the speakers of your fucking old and classic hifi. Also, moving the blardee computer table (which majiam wears one fucking ton). It’ll be good to have a significant other to help you classify and/or clarify which hardware parts you own (and was lying under the fucking computer table for god knows how long, collecting layers and layers of dust) can actually be thrown away cause it’s out-dated…yada yada yada.

Okay, that’s not the point.


Gotta clear my brother’s desk another time. Then finally my wardrobe. BUT I’VE CLEARED MY COMP DESK!

This calls for a celebratory haircut!

Thank God, I’ve picked up the hairstyle I wanted but…

I just remembered I never plug my printer…

I never plug cause, socket not enough space…

Socket not enough place because all taken up by my laptop, hifi, charger and external HDD…

I’m blabbering.  Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

I’m like a zombie right now. Woke up @ 5AM, walked my dog, sent my dad off, bought some stuff from the far far away provision shop, helped grandma take her meds, watched Stomp the Yard and finally cleared my room.

I ish very tired.

*hesitating to go for a haircut…*

I postponed this haircut for 1month plus plus alreadyyyyyy…. GaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhH!!


What you guys think of this hairstyle? Will it suit me?


How about this one?

Do note that I said hairstyle, the hair colour on these models will not be considered. Just the hairSTYLE.


This one’s kinda looked like my current one, just much shorter with parting.


This one is ALMOST similar to what I’m having now (but prolly when my fringe grows even longer) just that the fringe is longer plus got parting. I think this hairstyle looks cool because of the highlights =/


I quite like this one, but not sure if BLACK hair will go =/ If I do really gonna get this cut, i’ll prolly not show my forehead. I’ve got such a short forehead to the extent it’s better to cover it than to show LOL.

So now, it’s either I cut really really short or I abit and just restyle abit of my hair to get what I want.

So do I cut it SHORT at one go, or I trim and wait for it to grow? I really really can’t decide!!!!


This is how I look like right now. FYI, I’m the one on the RIGHT.

So how how? I need a change in haircut before school starts!!


2 thoughts on “quarter packed

  1. km: really ah… your kitten say leave it as it is cause the rest very “high maintainance”.

    *pulls hair*

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